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A new and award winning Amateur Dramatics Group for the communities in the Medway Valley

Amateur Dramatics is an amazing hobby to have. You will meet a great new bunch of people, achieve things you didn’t imagine you could and get an incredible buzz.


It is hard work. You need commitment and drive, vast amounts of patience and dedication, but the rewards are immense.


We are a small group and we need new and active members. We are not a Social club as such and although we do have social events, most of our meetings are committee meetings to which any member is welcome, or rehearsals. Whatever you are interested in, there are many cogs which a group like this needs to keep going and they are all as important as each other.

Below we have given details of ways that you might become involved in the group, although the best way to find out if our group will suit you is to come along to observe a rehearsal or better still, come to see one of our performances:


On stage


A lot of people would like to act but they are concerned about jumping in.You are very welcome whether you have experience of acting or not. If you haven't acted before it might seem very scary to take the first step, so it's probably best to come along to a rehearsal or a production to get an idea of how things work, and to decide whether we are the group for you. When you do take on a part, it's best to take a small part with just a few lines or a non-speaking part. Although we've seen people who have taken on a lead part for their first acting role and very successfully too, it's probably best not to run before you can walk. It's best to take on a part that you are comfortable with doing and which you can fully commit to.


Singing, Dancing and Playing an instrument,

We are mainly a drama group but there are still opportunities for singing and dancing. Out aim is to perform one production with music a year. They are hard work but great fun to do.





The prompt is a very important member of the production team. Ideally the Prompt will attend most of the rehearsals so that they can get used to the script and the Actor's weak points and know when they might need to prompt. Essentially the Prompt needs to go through the script and be ready to prompt should an Actor forget their lines. It takes a lot of concentration and discretion. It is a job that is sometimes taken on by the Director.


Director, Assistant Director and Producer

The Director is the one that facilitates and leads the Actors. It is hard work, it can be very frustrating and it should only be done by someone that is confident with what they are doing.

There isn't always an Assistant Director, but it is a good idea if there can be. They can give a different point of view and ideas. They can direct parts of the play separately and fill in if the Director cannot make a rehearsal. They are also very useful for collecting rehearsal fees and it is a good way of learning about Direction.

The Producer brings everything together. They book the venue and keep an eye on everything. They make sure that everything comes together for the performances. It is a job that is often taken on by the Director.


Sound and Light

This person is crucial in any show. They do not need to attend every rehearsal, but they need to have a good idea of what is going on and follow the script on the night.


Behind the Scenes



If you are a Writer, or interested in writing, we are very happy to do reading when we are not rehearsing. We cannot promise to produce your play, as we do a limited amount of productions a year, but we are very keen to support new Writers if we can.


Set construction and Design

Anyone who has an interest can do this. They do not need to attend rehearsals or even the production, although they often do. We do not have specific premises for set and prop construction, but if you are handy with tools and can work in a safe way, or you are good with a paint brush, your help will be appreciated


We do not currently have anywhere to store props and set and no way of transporting sets. If anyone has a secure and dry space that we could use for a nominal rent or free of charge, or if you can provide free transport, or transport at cost, we would very much like to hear from you.


Costumes and Props

We need people to find or make props and costumes. This is a job that is often done by members of the group, but some props and costumes are very difficult to find and it really helps if someone is there to co-ordinate.

We also need someone that can organise and manage the props during a performance. Make sure that all the props are available, on stage at the right time and replaced on the props table afterwards - you'd be amazed how often and how quickly they can go missing!


Hair and make-up,

Make-up is rarely used but is sometimes needed.

Hair dressing can make a show spectacular, especially a period show. There is no real need to attend rehearsals although a little bit of preparation is helpful beforehand and they usually need to attend performances.


Help at rehearsals, front of house and help at fundraising events

This is essentially making tea and coffee, helping to set up and clear away etc. selling raffle tickets, taking money etc. It makes life much easier if we have someone to help and it can be great fun too, a good way of getting to know people in the group and finding out if am dram is for you.


We always need raffle prizes for fundraising events and we now have a good reputation for home made cakes too -all cakes served at our fundraising events or at our shows are home made.



At the moment we are lucky enough to have free printing for all out posters, programmes etc. We have a website and Facebook and Twitter accounts. We have a good online presence and we produce a bi-monthly newsletter and a quarterly member's newsletter. We also have a number of businesses who display our flyers before a show. It all takes time and although all members will help publicise a show, any help will always be appreciated - publicity is so important because if people don't know about us and our productions, then they won't know that we want them to come.


If you are interested in helping to promote or advertise us, or want to advertise in our programmes - we want to hear from you.



I'm afraid this needs to be done too. We do keep accounts but we are no financial wizards. If you can help in this way, your help wil be greatly appreciated.


At the moment we NEED:


Storage and transportation for sets.


Local businesses who are happy to help with publicity


A Treasurer - someone who knows about finances and will be-able to keep our books for us



We usually rehearse in the Medway Room, Devonshire Rooms, Waghorn Road, Snodland and our regular rehearsal evenings are Mondays and/or Tuesdays, although we usually only meet when rehearsing for a production. The rehearsal day and location is subject to change depending on the commitments of the Director and cast.


If you are interested in joining us, please find our contact details on the contact page tab. You can also find our membership form below. We have no membership fees at the moment although our proposed membership fees are as follows.


(NB. These will not come into force until we have sufficient levels of membership)


Membership fees will run for a year from the Month you join.



Senior Citizen



£12 (Can be paid at £1 per month)

Non-acting member




NB. Although it is our aim to keep membership fees as low as possible, these are provisional fees and subject to revision after the first year.

There will also be £1 rehearsal fees per week when in a production if the rehearsal space is being paid for (subject to status)