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Medway Little Theatre's Duncan Rand One Act Play Festival entries


Last year, our entry into the festival, and our first production ever was "The Waiting Room". Not only did the play come second over all in the festival, missing out on first place by only two points, but we also won awards for Best Juvenile in an adult production (Matt George), Best Comedy and the Adjudicator's award, the Jo Stone Trophy, which was given to us for Best Direction (Neil Vinall). We were also nominated for Best Actress (Liz Hanson), Best Original Script and Best Ensemble Cast. We believe that we gained more awards and nominations than any other single production.


This year, it is our intention of entering two plays into the festival; "Passing Shadows" by Neil Vinall and "Unfinished Letters" by Frederic Dhombres


Audition/workshop evenings took place on the 26th and 28th April but we are still looking for someone to play the part of The Scientist in "Passing Shadows". The part of "The Opera Singer needs to be confirmed. If anyone is interested in this role, we will still be happy to audition.


Information for cast members




Rehearsals for "Undelivered Letters" will start on Monday 9th May


Rehearsals for "Passing Shadows" will start on Thursday 19th May


The Festival Tech rehearsals will take place in Rochester on either Saturday 9th or Sunday 10th July (casts and crew needed)



Our preview performance will be on Sunday 3rd July, which will be a matinee performance

(if we are successful in the festival and/or the support is there, we may perform again at a later date as we did last year, probably in August, taking into consideration the commitments of the respective casts)

The MLT One act play festival week is on 11th – 16th July . Date/dates of performances to be advised. Saturday 16th July also has to be kept clear just in case we reach the final