We are currently researching the history of amateur dramatics in Snodland at the Snodland Millenium Museum. However they have piles of papers and photographs stretching back many years and so it will take a considerable amount of time to research. We will add to this page as we work our way through the resources, so keep an eye on this page to find out what we have discovered.


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The earliest known amateur dramatics group in Snodland seems to have been The All Saints Dramatic Society, which was formed in 1926 by the Rev. B.D.R. Well. This produced evenings of short plays, sketches and music in Snodland and surrounding parishes.


"A Card Party", "Box and Cox" and "A Spanish Tragedy" were performed with music on

8th April 1929



In 1930 the Rev. and Mrs. Buckingham came to Snodland and continued running the group as the All Saints Social and Dramatic Society. Mrs. Buckingham had a particular interest as she had studied drama in London. They performed at the Snodland Institute and usually had one performance in Halling during the run of a production. This continued until the Buckinghams left the town in 1939.


An evening of Short plays and sketches with music "If Men Played Cards as Women Do" and "The Family Group" was performed on 10th February 1930










Plays included:

"Ye Gods"

6th & 7th January 1932

"Are you a Mason"


Passion and Nativity plays were also regularly performed in St. John's, Halling.



After the departure of the Buckinghams, the All Saints Social and Dramatic Group was reformed into The Snodland Dramatic Society, which even received a letter from the Ministry of Information requesting that the group should continue to help raise morale during war time. Due to the lack of men, an all female cast performed;


"Ladies in Waiting"











There was at least one more play performed with an all female cast during the war years. The local RAF also helped with productions, which were able to donate money to the ARP, The Red Cross and The Nursing Association. The group also performed Beyond Snodland in Rochester, Chatham, Preston Hall, Maidstone and Maidstone Prison.



The Snodland Dramatic Society survived the war and continued on into the 1950's with productions such as;

"Bon Aventure"

"The Happy Prisoner"

"Book of the Month"

"Dr. Brent's Household"

22nd April 1955












"Indoor Fireworks"

"The Cat and the Canary"












We are not sure at the moment which period the programmes below come from, probably the 1950's.

Programme from December 1930
Ladies in Waiting
Dr. Brent's Household
The Cat and the Canary

A new and award winning Amateur Dramatics Group for the communities in the Medway Valley


In the 1980's the Snodland Players seems to have been re-formed, but this was short lived. It seems that after just one production, there was a split of some kind, and The Snodland Stagers was formed. They seem to have been very successful. Most of their productions were performed at Holmesdale School.








They performed the following productions:

"Magic of the Musicals"















26th - 28th April 1984 The ticket price was £1.75!

"A Grand Music Hall"

8th - 10th November 1984

"Let Us Entertain You"

30th May - 1st June 1985

"Bon Aventure" by Charlotte Hastings

7th - 9th November 1985


January 1986

"Our Obedient Servant" by Diana Morgan

12th - 14th June 1986

"Hollywood Gems"

13th - 15th November 1986

"A Murder is Announced" by Agatha Christie"

April 1987

"It's a Musical World"

21st - 23rd April 1988 Snodland Community Centre


March 1989. The Devonshire Rooms

"Bazaar and Rummage" by Sue Townsend

5th and 6th April 1990 The Devonshire Rooms
















The group seems to have dissolved in April 1991 due to lack of members and was finally wound up in 1992


There seems to have been no more theatrical productions until......





21st century - 2007


The last play to be performed in Snodland (to our knowledge) was Called "Journeyman" and was produced at Snodland Community Centre in 2007 by Hedgehog Productions (who we failed to find anything out about)




After a discussion in the last days of summer 2014, a Facebook page was set up to guage interest and in April 2015 we had our first meeting. We have since had a fundraising quiz evening and entry into Snodland Carnival. The first production of the new Snodland and Valley Community Players was on 12th July 2015. After entering the Medway Little Theatre's 40th Duncan Rand One Act Play Festival, the following week, we are now an award winning amateur dramatics group, with hopes and intentions to carry on well into the future.


In November 1960 The Snodland Players as the group was then called performed for the first time at The Snodland Institute after having to stop performances at The Devonshire Rooms due to a change in fire regulations.

"The Ghost Train" by Arnold Ridley

24th - 26th November

"One Wild Oat" by V.S. Sylvanne

March 1961

"Poison Pen on Monday Next"


"To Dorothy a Son"

"Yes and No"

"The Hollow" by Agatha Christie

"Love in a Mist"

"Night Must Fall"


There is no more information until the..................